Firm Handshakes & Killer Manicures

Once upon a time, in The Land [far, far away] a young woman got fed up with making excuses so she got off her butt and decided to make something of herself.

That girl is me and the only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come. 

I grew up believing that I wasn’t meant to amount to anything. I didn’t try in school, I made a lot of mistakes trying to reach unattainable/made-up popularity, and I didn’t show interest in much of anything (other than my flip phone & boys.)

I convinced myself that there were two paths to success: Be a doctor and get rich or date a doctor and marry rich.

Well, my hatred for all things scientific, my perpetual phobia of germs, and anxiety caused by loud beeping ruled out being a doctor…so I guess my only choice was to marry rich, right? 


The world of business has opened up a whole new realm for me. My goals are bigger than I ever imagined, and I have the work ethic and plan of actions to make every single one of them a reality. I’ve learned the meaning of dedication and hard work, and I’ve committed myself to working as hard as I’ve ever worked in my life so I can live the rest of my life however I want. 

Being a #BossBabe has become about way more than a closet full of Kate Spade and perfectly manicured nails. I’ve fallen in love with ambition, challenges, and  being independent. I am infatuated with the prestige of starting from the bottom and investing everything you have to triple everything you’ve ever wanted.

People call me obsessed and addicted, but really they don’t have the mental fortitude to juggle everything I do and they’re intimidated by my success.

So full disclosure and in response to my “manic” obsession…I’m nothing but in love with my career and all I ever wanted was to live a life full of passion- this job gives me the opportunity.

 The last eight months have been comprised of late nights, tears, happiness, and wine. I work endlessly to make something of myself and while I’ll never reach perfection; I’m proud to say I respect the woman staring back at me in the mirror. 

I’ve had moments in this industry where I’ve been shamed by the way I dress, the way I speak, or the way I interact with people. I let myself be intimidated by men ruling my industry, and hid behind supposed “femininity.” 

If you’re assertive, people call you a bitch, and if you’re confident people call you arrogant. However if you’re passive then you’re weak, and if you have low self-esteem you won’t get anywhere. So what is balance? Unnecessary, that’s what. 

Being a woman in the business world is a power and opportunity. We have what it takes to take control and I’d rather be seen as a “bitchy” and “arrogant” person than let someone walk all over me and inhibit my future.

To all the women out there creating a better future and facing criticism of the world around you, please remember: You are relentless, you are capable, you are made to do something great, but most importantly you are not alone. 

So here’s a shout out to all the ladies giving firm handshakes with killer manicures, let’s do this together.


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