Stand Out

Let’s talk resumes! Ever since I was younger, I was taught to get involved in anything and everything so I can pad my college applications. Then once I got into college I was told to keep up my GPA, volunteer, and join every organization I could to fluff up my resume and make myself marketable for future employers.

The entirety of my educational career has been centered around producing quality content for my “next step.” 

Now that I’ve taken a step out of applying, and I’ve become the person who reviews the applications I’ve figured out why no matter how good my grades were or how many groups I was a part of– I wasn’t always the first choice.

It turns out, I’m not the only one who was told to pad my resume and fluff up my applications. I get over 100 applications submitted to me a day and I hardly have the energy to read through every single resume that comes in: So how do I choose who to call?

Well here’s the best way to preface it: Success all looks the same on paper, but it doesn’t have to. Why should I call you before I call any of my other 99 people?

Tip #1: Use color/Headlines/Design/Non-Basic Format

I’ve gained a firm appreciation for an aesthetically appealing application.

Tip #2: K.I.S.S.

Keep it short and simple (I don’t hire stupid people, so don’t keep it short stupid.) – if your resume is over a page long don’t expect for it to be read word for word.

Tip #3: Make your phone number noticeable 

I’ll be the first to admit that if I’m in a time crunch (after all I juggle school and work) then I’ll pass on calling you immediately if I have to search for your phone number.)


Obviously there’s a million other aspects to making your resume more marketable, but if I told you all at once then how could I expect you to come back next week? 😉


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