Priorities, duh!

How do you balance a full schedule (work, school, fitness, social life.)

It’s a lot easier than it looks.

I learned to prioritize

I take 15 minutes in the beginning of each week to write down everything I need to focus on, what I need to put my energy in, and once I have a list of all the things left “to do” in my way too hectic schedule — I prioritize and I cross off.

  1. Work is my priority right now (outside of maintaining a solid relationship with God and my family of course, work will trump all other things in life.) Why? Work hard now, play hard later – I will willingly do whatever it takes NOW so that one day I can live the rest of my life without having to ask anyone for a day off. I want to be my own boss, I want to define my own success, and I want to make something of myself but I can’t achieve that “million dollar dream” with a minimum wage work ethic.
  2. School comes second, but not close behind. While it’s so relieving to finally feel at ease in school and not be totally stressed out by my obsession with straight A’s, I’m still not a slacker and I won’t let myself just “glide through school.” C’s may get degrees, but I made a decision years ago to stop being okay with mediocrity.
  3. If I’m tired after work and school, I’ll choose sleep over the gym. I love fitness, I love working out, I love being shredded/jacked simultaneously, and I love the feeling a good sweat brings. The rush of endorphins provides me with a euphoria that I’ve never experienced before, and I single-handedly credit fitness to teaching me discipline, work-ethic, and helping me to stay afloat. However, It’s no longer my priority. So while I still workout consistently and I keep a clean/healthy (ish) diet, I won’t be ready to compete and step on stage until I know everything else is in order.
  4.  I have almost entirely sacrificed my social life. When you have big goals, you know the right real friends are going to stand by you through the journey even if you’re not constantly by their side and you’re not out hitting the bars with them every weekend.  I’ve been very fortunate to have learned early in college to surround myself with like-minded people, so even though I’m not available 24-7 to hang out, catch up, or grab a drink I know that they won’t be pissed or angry about it – -because they’re out there chasing their goals as well.

So yes, my schedule is packed, my life is hectic, and I’m quite fatigued (working on regulating a sleep schedule) when I learned to prioritize, I learned to keep myself afloat, to be able to push forward and focus on what matters. When you really want something you’ll find a way to make it happen no matter what.

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