HEY!! Introduce Yo’Self!

It’s SO glamourized; the idea of “making it on your own without anyone’s assistance.” People are very quick to want to succeed on their own, myself included. When I was younger I fell into the idealized path of lonely success. I didn’t want to credit anyone or anything for my success—then I grew up and realized I didn’t want to choose to be alone and found there was nothing wrong with networking, building relationships, and asking for help.

Your life is not going to perfect, your journey isn’t going to be easy, and having someone there to support you won’t make it easier (however it will make it more bearable.)

I always knew my strengths came from my ability to communicate. I never had an issue telling the world exactly what I wanted, but I struggled to get my point across when someone would inquire on how I intended to achieve my set goals.

Sure, I have my parents, my siblings, and my extended family but let’s be honest to each other here who really enjoys listening to the advice of their family? (sorry mom and dad, I love you!!!!) Yes! I give so much credit to my family for helping me to figure my life out and supporting me through everything but more importantly I give them credit for pushing me to use my communication skills to network with people, build professional relationships, and strive to learn more.

I’ve built professional relationships with so many people now that I truly believe I can conquer anything. There’s something beautiful about putting together the expertise of different people and combining it together to learn about every area of the world.

I have found a new obsession with LinkedIn, I’m constantly requesting to connect with people in the same field of study or work as me and I find myself messaging back and forth with people whom are currently wearing the shoes I want to fill in the future.

It’s so important to get your name out there, to introduce yourself, to ask questions and to build relationships. It’s refreshing to know that no matter which direction I turn: there’s someone that I’ve introduced myself to who can help me find the answer to all of my questions.

Someone once told me it’s all about who you know, but I really believe it’s all about who you know that knows what you know. Put yourself out there, start establishing professional relationships, and cultivate a life that promotes growth and development. Introduce yourself to everyone so one day when you finally make it, everyone already knows who you are.

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