Someone once told me that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. While I agree, I think there are certain factors that people seem to omit.

So many people I speak to (reminder: I speak with people who are job hunting) tell me how miserable they are at work. I ask them what they would change and most of the time they don’t know. But I do, almost immediately. If you’re stuck in a cubicle in a place that regulates when you can pee, when you can eat, and when you can take a break — are you really growing?

There are three components in a career that I think are integral for happiness and success.

  1. Growth: I don’t know how a forest would develop if the trees were told how tall they can grow. If you feel stifled, if you feel stuck, if you feel stagnant – you’re in the wrong place.
  2. Money: Money can’t buy happiness, but the potential for a solid income to help you sustain a living without living pay check to pay check can reduce stress and therefore leave you with more room for happiness. It’s okay to want to make money.
  3. Culture: It’s a lot easier to love where you are and love what you do when you love who you’re with, it’s as simple as that.


I always ask my candidates to rate for me the three components in the order of most important to least important. The most common order I hear? Culture, Growth, and Money. 

Then I tend to ask them why – Why is it that you chose this order? What are your reasonings? I don’t want a generic answer, I want the truth, I want sincerity and thought.

While these answers vary, I’ll gladly explain why I order mine as culture, growth, then money as well.

I believe whole-heartedly that when you’re surrounded by people who are positive, share your goals, and are headed in the same direction as you (for me, this is a journey to the top) then they uplift you and therefore help you grow. So I believe growth is, in my experience, dependent on a solid culture.

Growth was listed second for me because I’m an incentive driven and goal-oriented person. I’m not dollar sign driven, but I also understand that if I’m growing as a person and developing as a professional then bonuses are most likely to come with them… hence why money comes last.

With all of that being said? I never work a day in my life. I spring out of bed most mornings (not all, I’m still human lol) and I am typically excited to start my day. I love seeing my coworkers every morning, they’re effervescent, they’re motivating, they’re inspirational, they’re exciting, and they’re like a second family to me. Every day I’m at work I am enveloped in encouragement and pushed to be my best by my “team mates” and by my boss which helps me to grow, and I know that all of my hard work will pay off and lead me to the dollar signs I eventually want to see.

Do yourself a favor, write a list of your ideal job and check off the things on your list that your current career has to offer you. If more than half of your list is missing? Give me a call 😉 Just kidding, but at least do yourself a favor and start searching for a career that cultivates your growth because there’s no point in a dead end job that leaves you miserable and counting down your days to retirement.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.

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