I Got Gooooooooals

Lately, I’ve found myself [extra] excited about my dreams.

I have big goals and I’ve always been quick to say I’ll do everything it takes in order to reach them. However, up until last Monday…I believe my actions were saying otherwise. Now I’m not saying I don’t work hard, but I tend to work aimlessly. I don’t know the specifics of my goals, I don’t have a plan of action written down, and I have a track record of being terribly disorganized.

“The way we accomplish goals is by setting them, and the way we set them matters.” -John Wiggins

    I know that if I didn’t have goals I wouldn’t accomplish anything throughout the day, but goals without plans is like a destination without a map – you won’t get there efficiently if you don’t have a plan or direction of where you’re going.

So what are some of my goals for 2017?

-Get rid of my four year old MacBook Pro & purchase a new one

-Buy myself a new car

-Get myself custom made suits

-Promote 3 partners

-Open up my own business

Now, these are just some goals I have, but this is me making a public commitment to make it all happen.

I’ve written out my plan of action, I have the visual aspects of the kind of car/condo I want. I know what numbers I need to hit in order to promote partners, I know every aspect of what I want my business to be: from the name ,down to the color of the wall when I open up a physical location.

I’m done making excuses as to why I haven’t succeeded and I’m ready to buckle down and make it happen.

What are some of your goals for this year?

“Don’t you dare make your missions and dreams bow down to your current limitations.”

-Brendan Burchard

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  1. Girl have you tried a passion planner?? I highly recommend! They’re unlike other planners 🙂

    Best, Anna


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