April #BossBabe Wishlist

As another month flies by the list of goodies on my wishlist grows longer, Pinterest and magazines really are dangerous for my wallet – fortunately I’m smart enough not to spend money on anything except for current necessities (ok, not really but I’m getting there.)

This month was the first full month of Spring which means cute ankle strap heels, rose gold watches, and pink everything. Plus, I must post my favorites before May 13th because well… it is my graduation if anyone wants to congratulate me 😉 (Totally kidding.)

  1. Black and White Kate Spade Bucket-Tote. I think we can all agree that it’s not much of a surprise that my girl Kate ends up making two appearances on this month’s wishlist.
  2. A pink globe- I really have ZERO need for a globe, but it’s pink and it’s cute and therefore I want it. #NoShame
  3. ISO the designer of these gorgeous shoes: I found them on Pinterest and naturally it led me to a corrupt link, but i kept it on my board because CAH-UTE.
  4. Yep, there she is: A Kate Spade Gramercy skinny pave watch. I literally don’t wear watches [ever] but if it was Kate, I definitely would.
  5. Pink Faux Fur Cabriole Legs Desk Chair from DecorPad. Honestly this chair is totally unnecessary in all ways, and the faux fur would 10/10 get dirty (especially with my inability to keep my coffee in the cup), but it’s pink, it’s furry, and it was made for me.



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