Screw Trying

Just wanting something doesn’t necessarily get it for you, not even when you combine wanting with trying really hard and working really hard. You can want all you want, and try yourself blue in the face. But it still won’t happen- not without the first ingredient. -Jeff Olsen, The Slight Edge

    For the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself with a whole new mentality. I remember thinking I was positive, and thinking I was working really hard, and I always found myself say “I’m trying my best.” Well you know how I’ve started feeling about “trying” – SCREW THAT. 

  What would life be if all we ever had were a bunch of people out here trying. Not to pull a whole Yoda moment on you guys, but, “NO! TRY NOT! DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY.” (Ok, I totally wanted to pull a Yoda moment on you… because no one knows better lol.)

    After spending a Sunday morning – afternoon a few weeks ago in Chicago listening to professionals who are in the position I want to be in talking about how they got where they are: I realize they never once said they tried. They just did it, and when they weren’t getting it done they weren’t “trying” they just weren’t succeeded and therefore implemented a new strategy. When you say you’re trying, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to fail, you’re making excuses without admitting to yourself that you’re making excuses. To me, the word “try” means “I’m failing but I want validation and tell people that I’m still working.” Like, it’s okay to do things that aren’t working at the time as long as you change what you’re doing and work to get to your end game.

   Now if you revisit the quote I posted at the top of this post you’ll see that there’s an ingredient you need in order to make “trying” (ugh, i feel dirty even typing it), “wanting,” and “working” come together. The base for all of these factors to WORK is your mentality.

   PSA: Without the right mentality/mindset/philosophy/paradigm… you’ll always be in the same place. If you don’t believe with everything in you that you can make something happen, you’re always stuck wanting instead of achieving.

  Olsen says in The Slight Edge that “…if you don’t change the way you think about simple every day things then no amount of how-to’s will get you anywhere or give you any true solutions.”

   In my post last week “I’ve Got Goooooals” I mentioned that I’m going to start achieving these goals I have because I have a plan of attack behind each and everyone of them. But truthfully, that’s not why I’m “all of a sudden” making my way to these goals faster than before. I always had a plan of attack, but now it’s not just the hows… it’s how I do the hows.

   I put every ounce of passion, drive, and motivation behind my every day tasks. I wake up in the morning to do 15 minutes of cardio not because I need it, not because I think it’s necessary, and not because it’s going to be effective and give me a summer body, but rather because it sets my pace for the day and establishes a routine. 15 minutes of going hard on a treadmill at 5 a.m. and training myself not to revert my thoughts immediately to “I can’t do this, this sucks, I’m tired, my legs hurt, why did I think this was a good idea” is part of why I’ve gotten mentally strong in the work place. I work every single minute I have as hard and as fast as I can because I have a sense of urgency and because I know that there’s someone else out there working hard too and if I don’t match them or outwork them? They’re going to have everything I want and I’m going to be left with nothing… and let me tell you not succeeding isn’t an option.

   So what do you have to do to achieve your goals?

  1. Set them
  2. Work for them

Most Importantly??

3. Believe in them, believe in yourself, and work with everything in you. You’ve got this 😉


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