Since I started in recruiting almost 6-ish months ago, I’ve become addicted to the climbing number of connections I have on LinkedIn. What was once a professional network I had no true understanding of has now become one of the best tools I have to get the word out about our growing company, network with professionals in similar fields as mine, build professional relationships, and seek advice in areas of the work force I am unfamiliar with (as no matter what – this is my first career ever.)

However, one thing I’ve really noticed about LinkedIn is how many people completely miss the point of the platform and post about unprofessional matters, speak distastefully, and misrepresent themselves as a professional.

Recently I made a post on LinkedIn saying that “LinkedIn is not a dating site.” I’ve had multiple men message me to ask for my phone number and it has made me weary of connecting with professionals because I easily begin to question their intentions. I also included in the post that LinkedIn is meant to be a professional forum, and as a professional recruiter, I stray away from looking at candidate’s Facebooks, Instagrams, or Twitters because I understand that who a person is in their personal life doesn’t always reflect who they are as a professional.

I received a lot of backlash and disagreement over this post – I was told that LinkedIn has not true “professional standards” and that if I don’t want to see those posts then I should ignore them. So I figured I’d take to a different platform to say this and make my opinion known –

As a recruiter, it is my job to teach people how to market themselves. I want people to get careers, to find opportunities, to excel, to grow, and to learn. So my tip for you? STOP USING LINKEDIN for anything that isn’t professional.

Again, I avoid personal social media because I don’t think it’s an accurate measure of how a person is as an employee/co-worker.

However when it comes to LinkedIn my view is this: If you are given a professional setting where you have the freedom to say whatever you want, yet you choose to refrain and maintain a clean and professional presence – then you’re someone I want to hire.

If you can’t refrain from posting obscene material on one social media platform – you’re crossed off of my list and many others. Think before you post!

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