Create Your Opportunity

Now that so many people my age are searching for jobs – I see constant tweets about how terrible the “job market” is. I hear complaints about what people think they deserve versus what’s being offered and I’m constantly surrounded by people talking about how all they want is to be “happy” and do what “they love” but it doesn’t seem to be “available.”

So I think it’s time to dive deep into the misconception of what love and happiness really is, what it comes from, and how to achieve it in your career.

For those that don’t know: I recruit for a direct sales and marketing firm based out of Cleveland. I spend my day providing opportunity for people searching for jobs *hence why I’m always hearing negative complaints* and even though I love what I do – this isn’t where I started and this isn’t my end game. But I push hard because I know that working where I am is the vehicle to a substantial future and I love everything about it.

I started off my career last July while I was still a senior in college. I started in the field doing business to business sales on behalf of T-Mobile. I spent my days on my feet, in the heat, taking rejection by stride, and keeping a smile on my face.  I’d come back from work with 1-2 sales every day, my once perfectly straightened hair thrown in a bun, and my makeup smeared with sweat.

So I want to start by saying this: I didn’t like going in the fieldI didn’t have some weird undying love for T-Mobile. Getting told “no” every day 39 times a day can be exhausting and no… being in the field doing b2b sales didn’t “make me happy” (at least not in the moment.) 

But I still loved it and I was still happy. But love doesn’t mean all the time and happy doesn’t mean every second. Just like a good workout you had to drag yourself out of your house to do- it felt good each day after I was done & I don’t regret it one bit (in fact.. .some days I miss it!)

I loved my job because of the opportunity, because I was learning, because of the environment and the culture. I was happy because I chose to be. I loved what I did which made me happy because I committed myself to learning something new, I worked really hard to get good, and well let’s be honest – who doesn’t love making money off of something they’re good at? Unless you give 100% of who you are to what you do – you won’t succeed… and that’s the case for anything in life.

  I guess my point is – you’re most likely not going to start your career off super happy. Loving what you do every second of every day isn’t going to just happen. Love is a choice you have the power to make – and if you’re constantly spiraling yourself into a world where you believe “the job market sucks” and you’re not open to learning new skills and dedicating yourself to improving in all areas of your life- you won’t find what you’re looking for.

  Now I’m not saying the only way to be successful is to pound the pavement and become a stud at b2b sales (but if you’re interested you can e-mail me lol), but if you want to grow you need to be willing to commit yourself to what you’re doing. You can’t job hop every two weeks because you “just aren’t happy doing the entry-level tasks.”

Now don’t get me wrong…you’re worth too much to just take the first job offer that comes your way – but you’re also worth too much to sell yourself short on opportunity.

Decide what your goals are, find a way to make them happen, and commit yourself to it until you get there. Stop looking for happiness & choose to create your happiness & your opportunity all on your own.

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